A Segway is a self-balancing vehicle. The vehicle has one axle that has a self-balancing technology (gyro) and ensures that the driver maintains a balance forward and backward. Built-in vehicle is a battery and two individual motors that operate their own wheels. Everything you effectively have to do is stand up straight on the vehicle. Small changes in the balance transferred to your toes and your heels and get Segway to move forward or backward. Self-balancing vehicle working against you and your body and help you keep your balance. Therefore one does not fall off. By moving the board to the right or left turns one. It is very easy to portion the power of movement and this is part of what makes the Segway easy to drive.

Any person who is 16 years or older and have general physical shape can ride the Segway. All it takes is a few minutes training, then you’re ready for a fun experience. Maximum weight is 117 kg.

You must be over 16 years old. You can not be influenced by drugs or alcohol. Before your trip you sign a user agreement between BergenSegway.no and operator. Once this is done, you are ready for the final step, as a quick and obligatory introduction to the Segway behavior.

 It is not difficult, but may be unfamiliar at the very start. This is something you most likely have not tried similar before and the product therefore needs some getting used to. But mastering the feeling comes quickly, and before you know it you will be gliding down the roads on a Segway without any problems.

There will be a good introduction before we go out in the streets. It is just as important for us as for you that you feel confident when you drive a Segway. In short we use your toes to drive forward and heels to brake / run backwards. Move the handlebars towards the direction you want to turn and Segway turns. It’s that easy.

Segway is limited to a maximum speed of 20 km/h, but they regulate easy from very, very slowly up to the maximum. There is also a training mode which limits both speed and turnratio, and all new riders start in this mode during training.

Segway can be used in the same areas that allowed for bicycle, that is, on sidewalks, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and on the right side of the roadway. It is not to be allowed to use the vehicle on roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h.

If you are caught driving with Segway on roads where the speed limit is over 60 km/h, the rate of the fine to be 2,000 kroner. Breach of other traffic rules leads to simplified procedures, with half rate. The rates for these offenses vary in size.

There are no hidden costs. Our tours cover everything you need, including safety equipment.

Off course. We often have guest travelling through with bags etc, and your items can be stored in our locked garage.

If you cancel a tour 2 weeks or more in advance we will give you a full refund. If you cancel later we will offer to rebook the tour without cost at your conveinence based on availiability.

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